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A complete guide on
How to Get Rid Mice and Rats
out of your House, Forever!

Hello, I’m Toni, I know your despair for all rodent problem in your house. I did face it too… and did many method. Some were unsuccessfull, and some were disastrous!. Some solution were temporarily effective, in which a few weeks / months later, there come other rats / mouse.
Until I formulate the best and solution.
Here’s the secret (-which no longer secret-) on how to get rid those mouse and rats forever.
is… Integrated Action!
Yes, mouse trap and poison can kill, but their ‘family’ will come back again. Only by thorough action the rats and mouse dynasty will stop visiting your house. Here we present a formula on how to get rid mice and rats Forever!

How the Guide is Formatted!

We present this guide on 9 separate chapter. Each can be read separately without order. Just go direct on what you need is OK. However, if you want a complete action, we suggest you read all 9 chapter.  We try to be as simple and direct as possible. And to ease the understanding, we use a war analogy. Yes dude, you’re in war with Rodent nation!

Enjoy the guide, please add us any feedback to improve this guide.


Chapter 1 : 7 Simple Ways on How to Detect Rats and Mouse in The House

Do You Think You Have Rats in Your House? Rats, mouse,mice, rodent, whatever you name them! But wait! Did all the messy thing around your house is caused by them? Lets Check out on How to Detects Mouse and Rats infestation in your house. Let’s be prepared! Enemy Spotted!

Chapter 2 : Facts about Rats! Anatomy, Behavior and Their Abilities

The best way to defeat your enemy is by understand them well. This article will give you insight on Facts about rats. Including their basic anatomy, their behavior, and what they can do. Know your enemy, and you’ll be able to hold them!

Chapter 3 : Integrated vs Temporary Solution

You might wonder, why the mouse and rats keep coming to your house? You put your mousetrap, poison, or even repellent but those rodent keep coming and coming. One rodent dies, thousand’s more to come. That;s because you did it the temporary ones.
Understand this basic Integrated (Permanent) vs Temporary Solution on Getting Rid of Mice and Rats. And choose your next method!

Chapter 4 : Why do Mouse and Rats Come in the House

There are thousand of house in the city, but why those mouse and rats come in your house? They’re animal but why they come in the human house? What makes them dare, or motivated! Know the answer on Why do Mouse and Rats come in the house. We list 4 main reason and how to prevent them

Chapter 5 : Mouseproofing – Prevent Mouse and Rats from Entering the House

The best way to get rid mouse and rats from your house FOREVER, is by preventing them from getting in your house. No need to build bungker or super sophisticated alarm system! Just do these several tips on How to seals your house from mouse and rats, and see how mouseproof your house will be.

Chapter 5 : Mouse and Rat Depopulation, a Counter Attack!

Once you build a defense mechanism, now its time to revenge! Time to truly get rid all of those attack. This is an intro on why you need to do mouse and rat depopulation, the basic skill needed, and how it should be carried out! Sorry animal lover, these part is about A to Z on How To Kill Rats and Mice.

Chapter 7 : All About Mouse and Rat Trap

This is the favorite weapon on fighting the mouse and rats. Snap trap, cage trap, or the one with electrocuted trap, you named them! Its a trap for mouse and rat! You put the bait and wait the result tomorrow! However, there’s still some issues you need to do to make your mouse trap effectively. Learn A-Z about mouse and rat trap here!

Chapter 7 : All About Mouse and Rat Poison (Rodenticide)

This is our chemical weapon. Know A-Z about mouse and rat poison (rodenticide), What type available and suits your, how to handle them safely, and several effective strategy on using this chemical weapon. Don’t worry, United Nations doesn’t comply about this.

Chapter 9 : All About Mouse and Rat Repellent!

You might already see the ads, Keep away mouse and rats without hush to kill them. From ultrasonic based, or light waves based, or such! But wait, does it works? and how effective it is? Learn A-Z about mouse and rat Repellent here!